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DISCLAIMER: The following tutorials are presented for free. As such I accept no liability if your computer blows up or your house is blown away to Kansas. Fortunately neither is likely.

I wrote them following the methods I use to do things. They are not the only way to do things and may not even be the best way - but they WILL work if you follow the directions in a step-by-step manner. If you don't then they may not work. Up to you.



Connecting Chat Server to Your VRML World
  Download & Install Blaxxun Viewer
  Download & Install DirectX Plugin
  Set BOT in Blaxxun World
  World Viewing Information

Check Out the Newest Tutorial!!  Opening Doors (and Closing Them Again)
  Adding Sound
  Anchor Link to URL
  Billboards (AKA Sprites or Facers)
  Create an Arch With Booleans
  Create a Skybox Background / Skybox Kit Files
  Creating Multiple Boolean Extractions
  Dawn's Angel Spazz Tutorials
  Rotate on Touch / MouseOver

Part 1: Embedding VMP Content in Your Web Page
Part 2: Embedding VMP Content in Your Web Page
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